Smart Air is a monitoring device of indoor and outdoor air quality that records key parameters in real time (temperature, humidity, brightness, VOC– volatile organic compounds*) and represents them visually on a dashboard.
*Alcohols, Aldehydes, Aliphatic hydrocarbons, Amines, Aromatic hydrocarbons, CO, CH4, LPG, Ketones and Organic acids.


Smart Air Basic

Smart Air Basic is designed for non-residential buildings such as office and industrial spaces. The device monitors and analyses both interior and exterior air quality parameters.

Smart Air base kit contains


One small and stylish box equipped with sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, lighting and pollution level.

One gateway that retrieves data and transmits it to the server.

The Dashboard visually represents the current status of all parameters and their history.

Real-time alerts inform about the right temperature and brightness for the working environment, optimal humidity, and VOC level, going beyond CO2 and even prompting fresh air input through predefined automatization or by simply opening the windows.

Smart Air LIGA

LIGA is the lamp that takes care of you and your family by making sure your indoor environment is as healthy as it can be. This device combines four essential functions such as Light, Ionizer, Guard and Alarm, which ensure your comfort and security at home.



Guard & Alert


It is equipped with two lighting zones that provide direct and indirect light and one lightning zone that displays air quality status.

It monitors and compensates the brightness level of the room.

It provides various lighting scenarios depending on time and season.

It helps reduce the effects determined by time-zone changes, sleep-disorders, and depression caused by lack of sunlight in winter.

It monitors and automatically corrects the pollution degree, by using mechanical suspension with sizes up to 0.1μm.

It eliminates smells, pollen, viruses, bacteria, and formaldehyde.

It visually and audibly detects and alarms the presence of the following gases: CO, CO2, alcohol, ammonia, sulfuric acid, propane, methane, styrene, propylene glycol, phenol, acetone, thinner, insecticides, benzene.

It detects the occurrence of fire conditions (smoldering or flaming), the risk of explosion or an electrical power failure and sends visual and audible alarms remotely through a mobile application.

Choose the design and functions that you need and get fresh and healthy air inside your home.

Connect all your devices to Cloud.

Get all upgrades remotely

No filter needed, no additional maintenance cost.

Get on site and remote technical support.

Smart Air City

Smart Air City monitors, analyses and alerts to the changes of outdoor air quality.


Technological Features

It is a multifunctional monitoring device for the outdoor use that measures the following parameters

Air Pressure
Particulate Matter (PM 2,5, PM 10)

It is equipped with open sensors that can benefit the local government through the transparency and accountability of the shared data, as well as by raising awareness and involvement of local communities.

The electronic module is produced through SMT technology by respecting EU RoHS references, uses an RISC processor and digital sensors.

We use industrial components that function at temperatures from -20 ˚C to +100 ˚C.

Wireless transmission is integrated by using different technologies such as:

LoRa – recommended inside metallic buildings for the signal to pass through the walls at a frequency under 1 GHz.

Wi-Fi – recommended inside buildings with Wi-Fi standard coverage at a frequency of 2,4 GHz or 5 GHz, individually or in redundancy.

System Architecture



ISO 9001 – Quality Management System
The area of activity covered by this certificate is Design and Commercialization of telemetry equipment

ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System Certification
The area of activity covered by this certificate is Information security for design and commercialization of telemetry equipment

ISO 14001 – Environmental management system certification
The area of activity covered by this certificate is Design and Commercialization of telemetry equipment

Gold Medal and ExcellencemDiploma for IQ LAMP (LIGA) fromnRomanian Inventors Society 2016

Excellence Diploma for LIGA (Light Ionizer Guard Alarm) – INVENT – INVEST 2016